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6 Tell-“Tail” Signs Your Dog Loves You!

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signs your dog loves you with senior woman and her dog looking lovingly at each other

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us once again. Whether or not you have true love in your life, if you have a dog, then that just might be all the love you need! These lovable creatures are never at a loss for expressing their love to their owners. Here are six signs your dog loves you:.

 Tail Wagging

A loose and relaxed wag that eagerly goes side to side or perhaps even in a full circle indicates a deep love for you. And if he goes into the full hindquarters dance, aka “wiggle butt: then you are fully immersed in his affection for you.

Becoming Your Shadow

If your dog appears to be your shadow, which can be annoying to you at times, he is merely expressing his sincere devotion to you.

Leaning On You

Yes, sometimes this can be a nuisance, but accept it for what it truly is: deep and unwavering affection for you!

Sniffing Your Crotch

Embarrassing and strange to you, but this is the dog’s equivalent of a hearty handshake or friendly hello. This is an important greeting for him and he also uses it to gather information about you and your overall well being.

Licking your Face

He wants to express to you that he is not a threat and it is also a way to groom you. This solidifies not only the bond you have with him but also shows his deference to you as the pack leader.

Jumping Up on You

While we train our dogs NOT to do this, it is an instinctive display of affection. Usually your dog is trying to get to you to lick your face.

So, these are just a few signs your dog loves you.To show your dog you love him/her, spend some time doing their favourite activity. Whether it’s playing fetch, going for a walk, playing with a new toy, or taking them for their favourite treat, your dog will love you for it!





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