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Single Dog Mom? Time to Celebrate Your Valentine Dog!

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Valentine’s Day can be a bummer for those that are single, but don’t forget to celebrate the best Valentine of all, your dog! Here are some items that celebrate being a single dog mom:

Dog Mom Hoodie

This turquoise hoodie says it all. Being a dog mom is the best relationship ever. Our dogs are great listeners, there with us to celebrate the good times and comfort us through the bad times. Women’s sizing, with a v-neck and pockets for keeping hands warm and storing a few treats for your dog.

This design is also available in a tank top or  t-shirt

single dog mom dog mom hoodie

Say It All in Three Words: Dog Is Love Raglan Shirt

When you’re a dog mom, you never have to wonder why no one is beating the doors down to be your Valentine. Your dog has that covered! They offer us unconditional love, welcoming us home whether we’ve been gone 5 minutes, or five days!

Celebrate your canine Valentine with this Dog Is Love Raglan shirt. This shirt features the Dog is Love logo on while background and black 3/4 lent sleeves. This polyester/cotton/rayon mix shirt has a super soft feel, and is machine washable (cold water) and can be dried on low heat.

Dog is love raglan shirt for single dog mom

Never Sleep Alone Sleep Shirt

Yes, your dog hogs the bed, and sometimes the covers, but would you have it any other way?  This turquoise 100% cotton sleep shirt depicts a dog enjoying the run of the bed, ready for a good night’s sleep.

single dog mom sleep shirt



Dog Mom Life: Drink It In With A Dog Can Change Mug

One of the great things about spending time with dogs is observing how they see the world. This mug celebrates the dog’s eye point of view with “A Dog Can Change The Way You See the World” graphic. The 14 oz. mug is white with black design and interior. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

As someone that spends her worklife with dogs, I can vouch for how much dogs have changed the way I see the world!

single dog mom mug a dog can change the way you look at the world

Stickers With a Dog Point of View

Dogs are great for always seeing the positives regardless of the situation. If you’re a fan of stickers like I am, here are a few stickers offering some good advice from the dog point of view.

Make Time For Play Sticker: This sticker measures 4 inches in diameter, put it on your car bumper, RV or anywhere else to serve as a reminder to make play a priority, especially play with our dog!

Single dog mom make time for play sticker

Think Big Sticker: Why limit yourself? As this sticker shows, our dogs are usually willing to take on a challenge, even if it’s a big tree branch they want to for a good game of fetch! Embrace this dog advice and give it a shot! Sticker measure 4 inches in diameter.

shink bigingle dog mom t

So, as the items above show, being a single dog mom has all kinds of good aspect about it! Spoil yourself with some of the gear here, settle in with your dog, and have a great Valentine’s Day~

All of the items listed in this post are available in our newly opened Dog Is Good (DIG) Direct store

We’ll be adding new items often, so don’t forget to check it out regularly.