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Seeing Eye-to-Eye with Your Dog: Eye Care for Dogs

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dog eye care

Just like you appreciate washing your face and keeping your eyes free from that nasty build-up in the corners, your dog appreciates clean eyes. As responsible pet guardians, it’s up to us to tend to dog eye care.

Your dog can’t safely wipe his eyes with his paw.  It isn’t safe for him to attempt to rub them on the floor or against a piece of furniture, either.

Here are some tips to ensure your dog’s eyes are healthy and well-maintained:

Dog Eye Care Tip 1:  Watch For Redness or Swelling

Healthy eyes of a dog are moist and clear. If you spot any redness, swelling, or discharge, these could indicate an infection.  Monitor your dog’s eyes closely and contact your veterinarian if you think something is wrong.

Dog Eye Care Tip 2: Keep all hair out of your dog’s eyes

Hair can scratch the cornea.  Trim the hair around the eyes parallel to the edge of the eye lid. Be sure to use blunt-nosed scissors only.

Dog Eye Care Tip 3: Keep your dog’s eyes clear of mucus

Infections may arise when bacteria overgrow on mucus.  It is best to use sterile eyewash or eye wipes to keep the area around his eyes clean.

Dog Eye Care Tip 4: Prevent Tear Stains

Some dogs (Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, for instance) are prone to “tear staining,” which is unsightly if not cleaned up.  Typically, tears flow over the surface of the eye and then drain through the tear duct. When tears spill out and lay on the surrounding hair, the area can become discolored.

For breeds prone to this, be sure to clean the hair in the affected areas at least once each week with a tear stain remover product.


Your dog will love you for this!  After all, when it comes to his favorite person, his eyes are on you!

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