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Presidential Dogs

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laughing kitty

The Spirit of Bo here: Hi!  I have come back to do what I do best – poke fun of dogs! Hey! I don’t just come around every day anymore, so when I do, let me have my fun! If cats really do have nine lives, then I am living it up in Cat Heaven.

Now that the media is continually busy with all-things Presidential this election year, I thought I would share with you the names of a few dogs that have held such a prestigious title…well,  if you slightly altered the names of these past Presidents!

It’s Funny Friday…..enjoy! Thanks to for making me laugh!

What dogs became President of the United States?

Rover Cleveland, Zachary Tailer, Rufferford Hayes, Chester A. Arfer, Dwight D. Eisenhowler, George Bushy-tail, and William McKinleash.


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