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Pets that Rule the Royal Household!

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Party Marty, back on the scene for his Friday call-out! Hey, people! Have you settled down yet from all the media hype over the Royal Baby? Yes, he is a cutie and many of us will remain intensely fascinated to watch him grow over the years. Being third in line to the throne comes with huge responsibilities, but what about those royal pets? They have to carry on with grace and dignity under pressure, too.

For instance, there is Lupo, the adorable black cocker spaniel that belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, a/k/a Kate. He has made headlines since he came into the royal family a couple of years ago and just last year was named one of Britain’s 50 most fascinating people…and he’s not even a “people!”

The Royal Family has always gravitated towards dogs, which intrigues me as I think that cats are quite regal, as well. Alas, evidently in the British monarchy, dogs rule and cats drool. Too bad they haven’t met ME yet!

Prince William’s first dog was a black lab named Widgeon.  His father, Prince Charles, favors Jack Russell Terriers.  Prince Anne has been seen with her preferred breed, the bulldog; and, of course, the Queen herself is quite partial to Corgis. In fact, her father, King George VI, introduced the Corgi breed to the royal household in 1933 and on Queen Elizabeth’s 18th birthday, she was given a Corgi named Susan, from which several dogs were successively bred.

Over the years, the royal pets have garnered a special place among the monarchy. Some have had their own portraits made and all of them have been considered members of the family.

So, I have but one question:  Are they adopting?

Over and out…and thanks to for this fun information!  Congrats, too, to Will and Kate on Baby George Alexander Louis!


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