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Observe your dog and hear a great message!

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dog rolling in grass

The Spirit of Bo, here to enlighten our readers again:  Now that I am in the hereafter, I have learned so much about my life on earth and how we can all learn from one another, even from our pets.  While it would seem obvious that I would talk about how wonderful cats are, as I am one myself, never let it be said that I did not have a special place in my heart for dogs, too.  Even I learned something from my friend Jessie when I was alive and sharing a human’s love with her.

It has been said on many occasions that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. However, can an old dog (or even a newer one?) teach humans some things? You bet.  Dogs can be the greatest teachers of all, if you listen closely with your heart.

First of all, dogs teach us to live in the moment.  They don’t fret about yesterday or worry about tomorrow. There is nothing they can do about those moments anyway. They are continually focused on today, living in the moment….in other words, they are LIVING! We should do the same!

Dogs teach us unconditional love. They don’t care what you look like or smell like. They love you exactly for who you are. They only thing for which they ask in return is the same kind of love.

Dogs readily forgive and forget. Too often we hold grudges, which not only compromise our mental and emotional well-being, but also our physical health.  Even when in packs, dogs know the order and rarely is there a power struggle, and if there is an issue, it is quickly resolved and all order is restored.

Dogs thrive on balance. They eat, sleep, play and have a balanced routine. In other words, they avoid burnout. How much balance do you have in your life? Do you work too much? Eat too much? Sleep too little? The dogs seem to have figured it all out.

Dogs teach us purpose in life.  To a dog, being there for us and integrating into the family is its world. Dogs thrive on purpose and giving love. In return, they feel happy and loved. In essence, their purpose is giving to others.  No matter what our career, vocation, purpose or otherwise, when it is done out of sense of giving to others, then we are living on purpose.

Dogs have so many things to teach us. Spend some time with your furry friend today and discover something new and wonderful that perhaps you have overlooked.

Thanks to for some of this insight!


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