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In My Humble Opinion, Cats Are Better than Dogs Because…

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Cat and Dog portrait

The Spirit of Bo, the dearly-departed but never forgotten cat: You know, I read the post the other day about why dogs are better than men. Well, I’d like to stretch that a bit and express my thoughts as to why cats are better than dogs which essentially makes them better than men… know how we are….sophisticated, intellectual and well-versed in all things! While I bring these to your attention in simple fun, there may be some hint of truth to them, depending upon your perspective! Thanks to for sharing these with us.

  • Cats are better than dogs because they use a litter box. (With dogs, you have to go outdoors into the elements!)
  • Cats are better than dogs because they are independent. (With dogs, you leave the house and sometimes worry as to what mess you might discover upon coming home!)
  • Cats are better than dogs because they are quieter. (Sure, we meow and hiss and all, but I bet you won’t be awakened at 3 a.m. with barking, growling and so on just because the wind moved a chair on the back deck.)
  • Cats are better than dogs because, well, let’s face it…we look sleek, regal and ultra-sophisticated…always camera ready. (We don’t drool!)
  • Cats are better than dogs because we don’t beg. (We won’t stare at you while you eat and continue to whine.)
  • Cats are better than dogs because we can spend most of our lives indoors. (We are low-maintenance. You don’t have to take us out several times a day or take us on walks.)
  • Cats are better than dogs because we show our love and affection with a gentle rub to your leg. (We don’t jump, pounce, and nearly push you over to greet you!)

Sure, dogs are great! I love them! Excellent servants! HA! However, as a cat myself, I do have to toot my own horn on occasion….even from Heaven, for as you know, all dogs go to heaven, too! It’s crowded up here!


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