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How to Tell if You Truly Are a Cat Person!

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The Spirit of Bo, returning with words of wisdom from beyond:  Are you a cat person? How would you know if you truly are? Here are a few defining sentiments in that regard, as borrowed from

  • You can meow so convincingly that you are able to fake out your own cat.
  • You have mistakenly called your spouse by the cat’s name.
  • To you, your cat is your furry kid.
  • You have purchased or rented a place solely based on it having the perfect spot to put the litter box.
  • You find cat hair in your food, and instead of being grossed out, you consider it a good form of protein.
  • You struggle in conversation with others who have no cats.
  • You have slept on the edge of the bed so you don’t disturb the cat sleeping comfortably in the middle.
  • You have pictures of your cat in your wallet.
  • When you go to the bathroom, you think in terms of “using the litter box.”
  • You have a big celebration for your cat’s birthday.

I bet some of you see yourself in a few of these sentiments. I bet some of you see yourself in ALL of them. If so, maybe it’s time to get a dog! (And if that suggestion offended you, you are most definitely a cat person!)




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