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How To Get A Good Picture Of Your Pet With Santa

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Santa and puppy

If you are a dedicated dog owner, chances are, you don’t miss the opportunity to take your pet out for the holidays to get a photo taken with Santa!  After all, pets love getting presents under the tree and treats in their stockings!  To make the visit to see Santa pleasurable for you, your pet, and Santa, here are a few tips:

  • Feed your dog a few hours before the big photo opportunity! If he’s too busy thinking about food, he will be less likely to cooperate.
  • Right before you leave, take your dog outside to take care of business. Santa and his elves would appreciate it if your dog did not leave a lump of you-know-what on his boots. You don’t want him to leave you and your pet a lump of coal in your stockings, do you?
  • Don’t just let your dog run up to see Santa. Take her up there and introduce them. When she feels you are comfortable with Santa, she will recognize that it’s a safe place to be and will be more cooperative.
  • If you take your dog for a walk before the visit, he will be tired and less likely to be on the hyper side of things when you are visiting Santa.
  • Don’t forget the treats!  Pets are easily bribed into good behavior! Right before the picture is taken, show your dog that you have a treat in your hand ready for her after she strikes a pose!

Enjoy! Have fun!  And don’t forget to leave a few treats out for Santa, too, on the big night!



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