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How to Deal with Nuisance Barking

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The Spirit of Bo, returning from beyond to enlighten and inform our faithful readers…

Good day, everyone! I know it has been awhile since my last entry. I have been enjoying pet heaven too much but wanted to touch base and let you all know I still think of you regularly.  Today, I want to touch upon a topic that probably hits close to home for many dog owners:  Annoying/nuisance barking.  Yes!  We know dogs are born to bark, but if that barking becomes too much of a nuisance, you simply want to put a stop to it without a lot of fuss and stress.  Well, thanks to Cesar Milan of, there are a few easy steps to quiet and calm your dog down when the barking bug bites.

Dogs will bark. That’s a given. They do so in order to warn the pack; to protect; and to express excitement. Those types of barking situations are short lived. However, when the barking continues and begins to make your ears bleed, your dog is most likely signaling boredom and the need for something challenging and fun to do. Alternatively, he could be telling you that something is wrong or that his needs are not being met.

What a barking dog such as this needs is Exercise, Discipline and Affection, according to Milan…and in that specific order.  If your dog meets you at the door each day excited and yapping away and you respond in such a way that encourages that behavior…i.e., you are equally excited to see him…then he will perceive your response to his behavior as a positive one.  Think about it. When dogs return to their packs, they are not greeted with such loud fan fare. Instead, they are probably given a few sniffs and a tail wag or two and that is it.  As much as you want to be happy and excited when your dog greets you as if he has not seen you in years, try not to unintentionally reward that behavior by being just as excited.  Wait until he is calm and quiet to give your love and affection. In other words, do not reward unwanted behavior with affection.

Walking your dog regularly and disciplining him with various commands and certain things to do will minimize the barking. As much as you might feel you are being mean to your dog by not responding favorably to his eagerness to greet you, realize he wants to earn your affection and to him, that is the great gift of all.


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