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Honor Your Dog’s Natural Instincts!

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Regardless of dog breed or size, it is important to understand his instinctual needs.  Tailoring activities to his breed characteristics will keep him content.

Failure to meet the needs of his breed leads to an unhappy and ultimately destructive dog.

The website offers these suggestions to satisfy your dog’s needs and keep your home running smoothly:

Know Characteristics of Dog Breed

Dogs are animals and species first…royalty second!  They are connected to nature. Dogs prefer to live in the moment, communicate through energy and are by nature pack animals. They require calm yet confident leadership.

There are many breeds in the canine world created for varying reasons. Some were bred to be companions, some to be herders and some to be protectors.

Each dog breed has specific instincts that allow him or her to excel at certain tasks. Research the breed to determine the type of instincts that need to be motivated and inspired.

Tailor Activities To Dog Breed

Herding Dogs

Take the herding dog, for example. You probably don’t have a herd of cows just hanging out in the backyard (unless you are a farmer and that is your job!).

Engage a herding dog’s instinct through activities such as agility training or using a flying disc toy.

Working Dogs

For a working dog, give him the opportunity to pull a cart or carry a heavy backpack. No, he will not see this as work.

Working dogs need a job to do.  Your dog will embrace these tasks as a physical and mental challenge. This makes him feel useful and, above all, valued.

Sporting Dogs

For sporting dogs, such as hounds or spaniels, tracking and nose work are two of their favorite activities. A game of “find it” (hiding a treat in the house or yard and send your dog to find it) is a great way for them to use their noses as they were bred to do.

While breed is not the most important aspect of a dog, all dogs share that common desire for affection, love, leadership and a sense of belonging.



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