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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jessie, the dog with the motherly instincts:  Hi!  A hearty and happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there! Today is YOUR day!  Even if you are just “mom” to your pets, we promise to lick your face, snuggle with you, keep the floors and carpets clean, and not whine or fuss if we want a treat….at least just for today!  You take such good care of us all year round that we just want to return the favor.

Of course, I think this should be MY special day, too. After all, I have had to play the role of mother to a few beasts around here.  Bo, may he rest in peace, was a constant aggravation yet loving presence in my life.  He needed my guidance, and I happily gave it to him.  Now that Marty is on the scene, I am back to square one….reinventing the wheel, so to speak….advising him, counseling him, steering him in the right direction.  May he just for today grant me the peace and rest I so rightly deserve.

So, go ahead…forget the guilt and take a nap with your four-legged best friend! It will do you both good! Mother’s Day only comes once a year, but every day seems to be Pet Day!


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