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Friday Fun Facts about Fido!

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Jessie, the lovable dog, boasting on the Friday blog post:  At the risk of sounding pompous, I cannot contain myself when it comes to promoting how awesome dogs are, and to prove it, here are a few Friday Fun Facts about your lovable canine friends:

1.)     Dogs and humans have been living side-by-side for 15,000 years!

2.)     Dogs can smell human diseases. Researchers have suggested that dogs can pick up on extraordinarily faint scents given off by abnormal cells.

3.)    Dogs can be as smart as two-year-old children! (And ask any mom of a two-year-old … her child is BRILLIANT!)

4.)    Dogs that are obedient and docile tend to live longer lives.

5.)    Dogs are the most diverse-looking mammals on earth. In fact, studies have shown that the differences between dog breed skulls alone are as significant as the differences between completely separate mammal species! (Yeah, we are pretty unique!) All this diversity allows researchers to study how genes work and what genes are linked to certain traits. Pretty cool, huh?

6.)    There are over 77 million pet dogs in the US! That’s man’s best friend for you! And it has been proven that those who own dogs actually enjoy a wider circle of social interactions. The British Psychological Society found that walking with a dog at least tripled the number of social interactions a person had!

Thousands of years ago, people revered us as Gods. Now, we are happy to just be a part of the family and one of the gang! Being revered can be hard work! We just want our bellies rubbed and time to play outside! Don’t forget the treats!

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