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Forget About Online Dating Forums….Your Dog is the Most Loyal Companion You May Ever Have!

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The Spirit of Jessie, returning from Dog Heaven to wish you a bright, happy and healthy New Year!

So….it’s finally 2016. The beginning of another year. The slate is clean. So much potential on the horizon.  Resolutions are made….and usually broken within a few weeks.  If one of your resolutions was to find true love…that perfect soul mate, best friend and partner in crime, then ditch the online dating sites and turn your thoughts towards a dog.  Yes, a dog.

According to an article on, dogs make great companions, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Dogs want to please us…and they live to do so.  They will endure most anything to make their humans happy!
  • Dogs seem to have a sixth sense and tune into us when we are feeling low, down, sick or blue.  They have an innate desire to want to help us feel better.
  • Dogs are born cuddlers and love to do it….at any time!
  • Dogs are loyal and highly protective. They will bark and growl and stand between you and a stranger, as it is your best interests that your dog has in mind.
  • Dogs love unconditionally.  Are you having a bad hair day?  Do you not look your best? Are you feeling tired, cranky or irritable?  Your dog won’t care. He will simply be there by your side to ensure your happiness.  After all, that is his job.  Don’t let him down by not accepting it!



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