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Feeling Sad? Hug a Pet!

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Dog with woman

Jessie, the compassionate dog:  With all of the distressing news surrounding the recent tragic events in Connecticut, I realize that it is difficult to keep one’s focus off of these circumstances. We are all saddened and send our love and prayers to everyone affected. Stress not only affects the immediate victims, but to anyone who absorbs this information and sees the images on TV and in the media. While it is natural to want to keep up-to-date with what is happening, please do not let it continue to overwhelm you. Send love and prayers to the families and the community. And to help ease your stress, hug your pet! In doing so, you will lower your blood pressure immediately and feel a sense of calm and reassurance. In fact, this week, several Golden Retrievers were sent to the Sandy Lake Elementary students and families for a visit to allow them to work through the grieving process with the tender love and comforting presence of an affectionate pet.

While it will be difficult to overcome these events, we must still move forward. Pause and give thanks for what you have, hug your loved ones, and definitely hug your pets. They do wonders for the souls.

Thank you.



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