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Farewell To A Good Friend

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Lucky my pet friend

The longer I’m in this business I make some great new pet friends, and unfortunately lose some longtime ones. Last week, I was notified that a longtime friend, Lucky, had passed away unexpectedly.

I always loved hanging out with Lucky.  She was smart, funny, willful and very cute.  Lucky loved to play “find it”, I’d hide treats around the house and she’d use her keen sense of smell to locate them.  Hard as I tried I was never able to stump her!

Being a Corgi, she would try to herd anything, even school kids to the bus stop.  I’d tell her she didn’t have to do that, they knew where they were supposed to go, but of course she had other ideas.

I still can’t believe she’s gone, she was only 10 years old, with many good years ahead of her, I thought.  She became ill and passed away quickly, thankfully with little suffering.

Lucky was a great friend, and I will miss her terribly.  I imagine she’s in that heavenly place showing other dogs the finer points of the ‘find it’ game, and herding the ones that get a little off the track.

Take care, sweet girl!


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