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Fancy Home Security System or Guard Dog?

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Jessie, the reliable dog with the friendly smile: I need a guard dog. You know….some big and tough beast that will scare away predators; ward off intruders; and keep me safe. (However, cat burglars are fine, if they intend to take the cat! Otherwise, I still need the guard dog.) Instead of arming yourself with a detailed, high-tech security system (although those have their use!), why not consider an alarm system of the furry, bare-teethed, growling, four-legged kind? According to, here is a (not-all-inclusive) list of some of the best guard dogs to have, based on ability to follow commands, attack an intruder when necessary, and overall pose a menacing threat to those pesky and uninvited house “guests.”

*Bullmastiff. Although not large in height, he is all muscle. He understands commands, is easy to groom (like he has to make a good impression that way on a burglar!), and will not make his presence readily known until necessary.

*Wolf Shepherd. If trained properly, this is a great guard dog. This dog is a cross between a German Shepherd and a wolf. The jaw strength is unbelievable! When those teeth grab onto something, the natural instinct of the wild kicks in. His looks alone typically intimidate would-be intruders. Make a special spot for him by the door or window.

*Dogue de Bordeaux. No, this is not some fancy wine. It’s that dog from “Turner and Hooch,” with all the slobbering and messes. Strong and powerful, he can be fiercely intimidating, even when at play. If looks could kill…

*Boxers. Loyal to their owners, these dogs present with a strong stance and are extremely alert. Nothing gets by them.

*German Shepherds. These dogs protect by command and instinct. They can withstand the most extreme of winter elements due to a natural protective gear that coats their body close to the skin, along with thick fur. (And sources say that thick fur can stop a bullet!)

*Rottweilers. I know what you are thinking: scary, mean, ugly, vicious, right? They are mean only if trained to be that way. Deny them their basic needs, and the aggression kicks in. (Be nice to one if you own one.) Their confidence level is high; their jaws are strong; and their fear is non-existent.

*Doberman Pinschers. To an owner, no dog is more loyal. To an intruder, tread lightly. Do not dare step into the world of a Doberman Pinscher. Enough said. Not only can they run, they can jump. Let’s hope intruders can fly.



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