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Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Can’t Use a Computer?

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Party Marty, one cool cat who is back on the scene! You know you love me! I rock my own style, and if I weren’t an A-List blogger, I’d be a stand-up comedian:

I wonder about a lot of things in life, and today my brain was centered on the far-fetched idea of dogs using computers. Obviously, I am well-versed on all things technological, but why can’t dogs use a computer?

Well, thanks to, some light has been shed on this mind-boggling issue. Read on…

  • Dogs can’t stick their heads out of Windows.
  • There exists the possibility of developing carpal paw syndrome.
  • It’s difficult to “mark” every web site they visit.
  • They have a tendency to want to attack the screen whenever they hear, “You’ve got mail.”
  • After a while, the saliva-coated mouse is difficult to maneuver.
  • There is no fetch command available.
  • They prefer butt-sniffing to online chat rooms.
  • It’s too difficult to type with paws.

As for us cats, well, we are masters of everything, and when we can’t get our way, we will just lay across the top of the keyboard until we do.


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