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Ever Hear of a Sugar Glider? Party Marty Briefs Us on this Exotic Pet!

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sugar glider

Party Marty here, the cool cat that is always in the know! Hey! While dogs and cats make great pets, there are some pretty exotic ones out there, as well, and I want to highlight a very cute bug-a-poo I saw on display at the mall the other day! Unbelievable! Ever hear of a sugar glider? At first, I thought it might be a tasty treat, but, alas, it is some marsupial that glides through the air!

Known by its scientific name, petauraus breviceps, the sugar glider lives about 10-15 years in captivity. (If it finds its way into Jessie’s dog house, I have no idea of the life expectancy then. It’s on its own there!) They are about five to six inches in length with a tail that adds about another six inches. They weigh a mere four to five ounces. (Lightweights!)

The sugar glider is native to the eastern part of Australia, Papua New Guinea and parts of Indonesia. These marsupials are born quite immature (in physical presence, not attitude!) and grow in a pouch located on the mother’s abdomen. Their furry membrances allow them to glide through the air, which is how they move about in the wild as they go from tree to tree. Their hind feet have a large, opposable big toe that allows them to grip branches and the second and third toes form a grooming comb. Very well designed, they are!

As for their overall temperament, sugar gliders are quite social and have a need for social interaction. As such, they are quick to bond with their owners provided the owner can give a great deal of time and attention to them. Having a one sugar glider is fine if you can commit to the relationship, but if time is a hot commodity, then it is best to get two of them while they are young and both of the same sex to prevent continual breeding.

Be warned that sugar gliders sleep by day and play by night, but they are pretty content to spend time with their owners by day by sleeping in a pocket or bonding pouch.

These little guys are oh-so-cute, but do your research before investing in one or more! Sure, they are fun, but there is a commitment of time and money involved, as with any pet!

Well, I want to go back to the mall to visit these guys again! See you!

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