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Dreaming About Dogs…

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Jessie, the dog who’s full of life and full of hopes and dreams: In surfing the web the other day, I came across something quite interesting.  While we dedicate our time to this blog pontificating about issues related to pets, mainly cats and dogs, I realized that perhaps a few of you might have issues, as well.  Now, don’t take that negatively.  I just stumbled upon a web site called, and found out something interesting.  When you dream, do you remember your dreams?  Have you ever dreamed about dogs?  If so, there could be some inherent meaning to those dreams.

According to the site, if you see dogs in your dreams (and I am not talking about old boyfriends here!), it probably is a good omen.  If you dream about a dog barking happily, it is indicative of a great social life.  A friendly and happy dog shows that you are blessed with good friends. Conversely, a barking and fiercely snarling dog in your dreams may represent some not-so-great friends in your life.  You may have to re-evaluate those relationships.  If, however, you dream of a big and powerful dog, that could signifiy that you have  a powerful protector in your life!

(Motions to the sleeping cat, Bo, laying in the sun in the living room) See that lazy cat over there?  I am sure he is dreaming about cat nip or some cruel way to destroy me!  Little does he know I dreamed about a big, powerful dog last night, so I must be in the presence of a great protector!  Dream on, sweet kitty.  Dream on.

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