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Dog Behavior: Dogs Do the Strangest Things!

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dog behavior

Party Marty, your favorite feline, here! It’s Thursday. Not exactly my favorite day of the week, but it will have to do. At least I can take some time to further educate, enlighten, inform and entertain our readers.  A people watcher at heart, I love to see what crazy things you humans do on a daily basis. You guys have some pretty odd habits…but dog behavior is so strange I don’t know where to begin the discussion, and you know how much I love to diss the dogs!  Consider some of these peculiar things dogs do that cats like myself would never consider doing.  Ever notice this dog behavior?

Odd Dog Behavior #1: Sticking Their Heads Out of Car Windows.

Dogs love to do this for the thrill, the feeling of the wind in their faces and to smell the world as it zooms on by. However, this can be a rather risky behavior.  It’s easy for a dog to fall out of the vehicle or be struck by flying debris.

Odd Dog Behavior #2: Sniffing the Hindquarters of Other Dogs

Dogs communicate in strange ways. They provide signals to one another through the chemical compounds in their bodies. A good whiff of another dog’s butt is fascinatingly full of information. I do not, however, recommend this behavior for humans.

Odd Dog Behavior #3: Sleeping On Their Backs

In the wild, a dog would never assume this position, as it would leave him vulnerable to predators and potential attack.  At home, however, if he does rest on his back, he not only finds it comfortable but is also giving you the signal that he feels comfortable in your presence.

Odd Dog Behavior #4: Chasing Their Tail

If your dog is bored, he may engage in this behavior, but it could signal a problem with anal glands or flea allergy dermatitis.  I know how annoying a constant itch can be. Do your dog a favor and have your veterinarian check him out to rule out any medical problem.

Well…I think I have shared enough information for today. Since today is officially Lazy Day, I need to devote more attention to my full-time job – napping!

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