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Dogs And Cats Can Be Friends

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Cat and Dog portrait

Cats have now taken over the top spot as America’s number one pet, but there are many people who have both cats and dogs. Just how do dogs and cats really get along? Do dogs really hate cats?

Dogs and cats can live together amicably, especially if they are introduced together at a young age. Even if they are brought together as adults there is still a good chance that your dog and your cat won’t shred each other if you introduce them to each other carefully.

Your best chance of having a cat and dog live together and get along well is by having a kitten or cat first. Cats often seem to need this advantage to establish themselves in the home before a dog becomes part of the family.  Cats and dogs usually have a better chance of living together on good terms when the kitten or cat joins the family first.

Introduce a puppy or cat-friendly dog into your home by setting up an area where your cat can have some peace and privacy. Baby gates or dog gates are usually a good idea, at least at first. This will allow your cat to have part of the house to himself without being bothered by your dog. Your cat and your dog can live under the same roof for a while without coming too close to each other.

When your cat and dog meet face to face, it’s a good idea to use a leash and a pet carrier. Have your dog on a leash and put your cat in the pet carrier. Make sure that your cat feels safe, since some dogs can be a little too enthusiastic. Allow your dog to sniff the carrier and look inside the crate. Your cat may not be happy but he should allow the dog to inspect the carrier without freaking out, especially if the two of them have been in the same house for a few days.

If you have a kitten, take special precautions to make sure he isn’t injured accidentally. Even if you have a kitten and a puppy, be careful that the play doesn’t get too rough and cause injury. Watch out for your puppy too, cat claws can injure your puppy’s face.

Some dogs have not been raised with cats and they don’t know how to treat them. There may be jealousy on both sides when you have a cat and a dog in your home. Once your cat and your dog are established in the home you shouldn’t have too many problems with them but watch that they don’t tease or taunt each other. Cats and dogs can be lots of fun and you can certainly keep both pets in the same home.



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