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Dog vs. Boyfriend: Who Wins?

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Jessie, the pampered pooch who has style, class and grace: I stumbled across an interesting little survey online the other day. Seems that when a man is courting a woman, he has to do more than just impress the object of his affections, her family and friends, but also her dog! Yes! That’s right! According to the Daily Mail U.K., a study conducted by the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) revealed that a quarter of women would leave their boyfriends if their pet did not like them! Wow! Additionally, a third of female pet owners indicated they would give up their beds and sleep on the floor to accommodate a sick pet. About 50% of the women surveyed indicated they greet their dog or cat before they greet anyone else upon arriving home.

As for the men, well, they tend to be less committed to their four-legged friends. In fact, a mere 12% noted they would break off a relationship if the pet did not like their girlfriends.

It’s safe to say that many pet owners consider their pets as true members of the family. In fact, 10% of pet owners indicated they would cut back on other household expenses before cutting back on what they spend on their pets.

That proves it! You just can’t help but love us! The return on your investment in us is exponential!

Thanks to for this fun and eye-opening information!


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