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Dog People – A Different Kind of Breed!

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Jessie, the lovable canine that, in her own mind, believes she stands above all breeds:

With so much attention in this blog given to various dog breeds, I wanted to focus on a new breed….DOG PEOPLE!  That’s right….people like you who love dogs!  When I was reading about various pet information on, I came across this unique term (which is far different than “crazy cat lady!”).  Dog people are very unique…and here is why…

  • They assume that every home décor includes a dog crate in the living room.
  • And while those living rooms may be messy at times, those crates are spotless!
  • They always have more than enough photos of their dog(s) on their phones and are more than happy to show them to you.
  • They drive trucks, vans and other vehicles especially equipped to haul those aforementioned dog crates.
  • If you call one of these so-called dog people on the weekends and get no response, they are most likely at a dog show. Hang tight. And, yes, they will drive hundreds of miles, spend $100.00 on gas and more on a hotel and meals simply to bring home a 35-cent ribbon! Hey! It’s the thrill of it all!
  • They have kids who understand what a real “bitch” truly is.
  • The grass in their yards is so lush and beautiful…and they have never purchased one bag of fertilizer to get that look.
  • They would rather endure and IRS audit than by investigated by the AKC.
  • They will gladly forego an expensive home so they can purchase expensive kennels for their dogs.

Sure…there is more…I just don’t want to insult anyone!  But, hey!  We dogs love the people who love us so much! After all, it truly is a dog’s life!


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