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Does Your Cat or Dog Need a New (and Unique!) Companion? Check This Out!

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sugar glider

The Spirit of Bo, come to remind you that pets don’t always have to be about cats and dogs! Hey! If you are daring enough to go beyond the comfort zone of owning a dog, cat, bird, or hamster, here are a few unusual pets you can try on for size:

Believe it or not, the following unusual pets are supposedly legal to own in the United States, but you may have to be aware of certain regulations in some areas that differ from other areas.

How about a piranha? Don’t stick your hand in the tank. It may just eat the food and the hand that feeds it! This is not recommended for the inexperienced aquarist!

Don’t call the exterminator! That tarantula may actually be someone’s pet. Sure, they are large, hairy and even beautiful and are surprisingly low-maintenance and not as dangerous or even as aggressive as you have been led to believe.

Then there is the wallaby. This is a mini-kangaroo of sorts. They are playful and fun-loving, but mischief is their first name!

How about a bug? The Madagascar hissing cockroach just might do the trick! It can grow up to three inches long and an inch wide! Yikes! Believe it or not, they make great pets for kids. Again, no exterminator required.

What’s the stink about skunks? Well, many people are beginning to adopt these creatures as pets. I’m not ready to embrace this idea just yet.

Ever seen a sugar glider? Playful little guys! Native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia, they will glide through your house just as naturally as they glide through the trees. Just remember to duck!

This is just a starter list. There are more, but I was beginning to freak myself out. Stick to cats. Dogs are fine, too, but we cats, well, we rock the pet world, right?

Thanks to for this “unusual” information!


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