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Do You Allow Your Pet to Sleep in Bed with You? It Might Not Be a Good Idea!

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Sleeping with pets

Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger: When my humans tell me, “It’s time to go night-night,” I know exactly what that means, so I dash up the long, winding staircase and race down the hall to the last bedroom and hop upon my big fluffy pillow. If the other dog in the house is lucky, I’ll save him a spot.

Now, I know it is comforting to snuggle up with your pet, and my humans do that on occasion, but I am not so sure it’s very healthy to sleep with your pet. I’ve done some research on the matter, and most of the sources I came across had a negative reaction to this subject.

For example, according to out of Atlanta, you may want to rethink letting Fido or Sophie crawl into bed with you. Apparently a recent report from the CDC claims that if you sleep with your pet or even let your pet lick your face, you may put yourself at risk for contracting worms, bacteria or viruses. Gross!

If the pet is young, the risk for infection is greater. Puppies and kittens are more likely than their older counterparts to pass on parasites such as roundworm, suggests Dr. Matt Roper, a veterinarian with Briarcliff Animal Clinic in Atlanta.

Dr. Roper suggests limiting your exposure, especially when your pets are young, so you can reduce the transmission rate of parasites or bacteria. As the pets get older, however, and you are certain they are in good health, if they beg to sleep in the bed, then that is probably fine. However, just avoid allowing them to lick your face. Besides, if you are a woman and wear make-up, that really tastes nasty, anyway!

Also, it is best not to allow pets to sleep in the same bed as young children or anyone with a compromised immune system. Be safe! Besides, I have my huge comfy pillow on the floor and I sleep soundly. My humans, however, seem to toss and turn all night on that lumpy mattress of theirs!



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