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Do Dogs Have Built-in Ghost Hunting Capabilities?

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Party Marty here, back on the scene to dish about the supernatural.  Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? If so, do you think your dog can see them? I am not quite sure what to believe in this matter. I mean, I have never personally seen a ghost but the look on my face when I first see that mangy mutt Jessie in the morning might suggest otherwise.

However, in deference to all of the open minds out there, let’s take a closer look.

Many pet owners claim that their dogs have a sixth sense; in other words, their pets see dead people, like in that movie with Bruce Willis years ago. I have a sixth sense, too, and it is a sense of humor. This stuff may make me laugh, but, then again, who am I to say dogs CAN’T see ghosts?

Take into consideration the heightened senses dogs possess over humans anyway. They can hear sounds way out of the range of normal human hearing; they can see great distances and their night vision is far superior to that of humans; and then there is that keen sense of smell. Throw these all together and you have one incredible ghost hunter!

Have you ever seen you dog act in a strange way as if to suggest he hears, sees or smells something you do not?  Does he act as if someone is in the room yet you see no one? If you are bold and adventurous, walk down the hallway in the dark at night with your dog and see if his reactions make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

At any rate, we may never know if dogs actually see or sense spirits or if their heightened senses are merely alerting them to the next door neighbor opening a bag of chips.

Thanks to for making us think and wonder.  Thoughts?


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