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Dealing with Canine Obesity: Admit to the Problem First!

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Party Marty here, ready to dish on a topic that is sure to inspire. Are you one of those folks who look into the mirror each day and wonder how that spare tire got there or from where that muffin top came? Weight has always seemed to be a big topic of discussion for humans, but what about dogs? Do you think they have those days when they feel fat and lethargic? At least they don’t have to put on pants and struggle with buttoning them.

However, pooches can become pudgy, and that is not a good thing. Do you break into a sweat when you pick up your dog? When he walks, does his belly mop the floor? Certainly, excess weight in a dog is nothing about which to laugh and should be taken seriously. When your dog is carrying around extra pounds, it can lead to arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and lung issues and more. It may even set him up for cancer later on. Plus, obese dogs typically tend to live shorter lives than their fit counterparts.

Imagine this…. five extra pounds on a Shih Tzu is similar to 58 extra pounds on a 140-pound person. And five extra pounds on a Beagle is like 28 extra pounds on a 140-pound person. Crazy, huh? It adds up quickly!

Canine obesity can be attributed to certain medical conditions, but we all know the real reason. It’s the same reason that most humans gain weight: habitual over-eating. You may serve your dog too large of a portion or rely on snacks as a way of showing your love. Did you know that one pig ear treat is nearly 40% of a 40-pound dog’s daily calorie requirements?

Plus, those commercial dog treats are often filled with calories, sugar and other potentially unhealthy ingredients. They really won’t satisfy your dog’s hunger and in the long run are just adding to his waistline.

So, what can you do if your dog is struggling with excess weight? Well, first of all…admit to the problem. Then, talk to your vet about the best course of action and find out how many calories your dog needs on a daily basis. Be sure to exercise your dog briskly for about 20 minutes each day and then monitor his progress. Who knows? You may develop your own healthy lifestyle in the process and lose a few pounds! Talk about a total team effort here!


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