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Could YOU Be Making Your Dog Bark????

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dog looking out window

Party Marty, the amazing and phenomenal cat, here once again, dishing out the advice and dispensing the wisdom as only I know how! Boy! Do I hate dog barking! It makes my ears bleed! Does your dog bark excessively?  Did you know that your dog’s barking may be attributed to YOUR behavior and mental state of mind? I’m just saying….

According to, dogs bark for many reasons, but I found it interesting to discover that sometimes dogs bark in response to its owner’s negative energy. Yep! If you are frustrated over something, your dog will pick up on that sensitivity and let out that pent-up frustration by barking.

What to do? Quit that internal barking of your own and simmer down! I know…easier said than done, but if your dog barks and you can’t figure out why…no one at the door, no one outside the window, already went outside to conduct its business…that sort of thing…then look inward to see if he is barking at YOU! Hey! It could happen!

By the way, cats don’t bark! I’m just saying…


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