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Clothing For Dogs: Yay or Nay?

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clothing for dogs

The concept of dogs wearing clothes is one which always brings debate. In New York City and L.A. it may be quite ordinary to see dogs wearing adorable outfits but there are many places in the United States where people will stare in disbelief if you walk down the street with your dog dressed for success. So, are dog clothes really necessary? Or are they just a fashion statement?

For some breeds in cold climates, dog clothes are a necessity. If you have a hairless breed, such as a Chinese Crested, a dog with a thin skin, such as a Whippet, or a Toy dog such as a Chihuahua which may have trouble generating a lot of body heat, then dog clothes can provide necessary warmth. Dogs like these can be distressed in cold weather unless they have some kind of sweater or jacket when they go outdoors.

In cold areas where there is ice and snow dogs may also need to wear paw protection in the form of dog boots. Salt and chemicals are frequently put down on sidewalks and roads and these substances can be harmful to a dog’s paws. They can chap and crack paws and, if your dog licks his paws he can ingest the chemicals which can be dangerous.

If you own a Siberian Husky or a St. Bernard then your dog probably won’t need dog clothes for functional reasons. Your dog is not going to suffer from the cold when you go for a walk. In fact, your dog probably begs you to let him play in the snow.

Most dog clothes do seem to be tailored to Toy and small dogs but it is possible to find some dog clothes for medium-sized dogs. You may have more luck finding dog clothes for larger dogs around Halloween when there are dog clothes offered for all dogs. You can always create your own fashions for your larger dog by adjusting some clothes for toddlers to fit your dog.

Some dogs seem to like dressing up more than others. To see if your dog likes to wear dog clothes just try putting an outfit on him or her and then gauge your dog’s reaction. Does he hang his head in shame? Or does she prance around your house and act like she’s a beauty queen? Take cues from your dog, if he doesn’t seem to like the clothing, leave it off.



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