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Christmas Trees and Cats….Cause for Concern???

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Christmas trees and cats

If you have a cat, it can be challenging to keep him out of the restricted areas of your home. Cats tend to go anywhere their hearts desire, including near the Christmas tree.  Is it possible to manage Christmas trees and cats and keep both intact?

The answer is yes, but it will take a little work. In order to prevent harm or injury to your cat this holiday season, here are a few tips, as suggested by

Use Citrus Oil As Repellent

Citrus scents generally act as a repellent to cats. If you soak orange peels or cotton balls in citronella and place them under the tree, it will keep your cat away. However, please be sure to keep these things away from your cat’s reach!

Other options include diluted vinegar sprayed onto the base of the tree…or hot sauce…or camphor. Cats hate the taste of that stuff! Please note, however, that these scents will fade and you will have to reapply them regularly.

Set Up Obstacles

Surround your tree with a barricade to prevent the cat from going under the tree and/or climbing up into it. To deter your cat from getting near the tree, make loud noises when he gets too close to it.

Allow Your Cat To Investigate Before Decorating

Allow your cat to become familiar with the tree before decorating it. This will give him the opportunity to get used to the tree being in the room.

Use Caution When Selecting Decorations

When decorating the tree, avoiding tinsel(icicles) and garlands. If ingested by your cat, these can cause illness or even death.

Avoid breakable ornaments.  It may be tradition to put them on the tree, but if broken, pieces could be ingested by your cat, causing extensive injury.

Watch The Lighting

Unplug Christmas lights at night. During the day, periodically check for faulty wiring. If your cat has chewed on it, he could potentially experience electric shock.

If he begins to drool or show any signs of physical problems, check the wires immediately and seek medical care for your cat if you believe electric shock is the problem.


This may sound like a lot of work, but remember….the most important thing is to have fun and stay safe!  Following the tips above will increase the chances of Christmas trees and cats surviving the holidays unscathed!


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