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Cats are Cool! (Do the Math…It Just Adds Up!)

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to enlighten, advise, and just have fun (Besides, Party Marty fell asleep two hours ago and is still out cold!):  Numbers, numbers everywhere, but how do they add up? What do cats have to do with numerology and the fascination with numbers? Numbers can dictate how people live to a great degree. For example, how many humans think twice about hitting the button for the 13th floor on an elevator (if there even is one)? How many humans tend to become superstitious on Friday the 13th? When it comes to cats, numbers are relevant, and here are a few, fun reasons why, from

15:  This represents in years the human equivalent that a kitten will reach at the end of his first year.

32:  Muscle mania! This is how many muscles are in just the ear of a cat! They are used to rotate the ear for directional hearing and for balance.

34:  The age of the oldest cat on record.

62+ – Run, Forrest, Run! This is the speed at which Cheetahs can run….in short bursts….but they can do it!

64 – The equivalent in human years of a 12-year-old cat.

110-140: This range represents the number of feline heartbeats in a minute.

101.5-102.5 – This is the normal range of body temperature for a cat.

244: This is the average number of bones in a cat’s body. (Can you believe this is about 40 more bones than a human has?)

35,000:  Happy Birthday! This is the approximate number of kittens born every day in the US.


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