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Cat Superstitions: What Do YOU Believe?

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The Spirit of Bo the wonderful cat, returning from beyond to enlighten you on this pre-weekend day:

So…’tis the season of all things scary, eerie and superstitious. Halloween will soon be upon us. In the spirit of the holiday, I have rounded up some famous superstitions regarding cats that have traveled through the ages. Are you a believer….or is this merely foolishness?

  • Cats can forecast the weather. They will predict wind by clawing at carpets and curtain. If rain is likely, a cat will wash its ears.
  • In days gone by, if a cat washed its face and paws in the parlor, company was on its way.
  • If a cat stares out the window for extended periods of time on any given day, rain is imminent.
  • Sailors used cats to predict their voyages upon which they were about to embark. If a cat mewed loudly, a difficult voyage was predicted. If the cat was playful, the journey would be good with gusty winds.
  • Some believe cats can see human auras, or energy fields, that surround humans.
  • If you kick a cat, you will develop rheumatism in that leg.
  • Fisherman’s wives kept a black cat at home to ward off danger at sea.
  • If you hear a cat sneeze, that is a good omen.
  • If you see a white cat a night, that is bad luck.
  • At one time, folks believed that fur and blood drawn from various parts of the cat’s body could cure all ailments.
  • Have a sty on your eyelid? Common folklore suggests rubbing it with the tail of a black cat.
  • In Transylvania, if a cat jumps over a dead body, that corpse will turn into a vampire.

That’s enough for me. Do I believe? I’ll never tell!  Thanks to for this fun information.


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