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Cat on Your Keyboard? It’s Not Just the Mouse He is After!

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Party Marty here. Yes, I know…I missed posting last Friday, but I was on Spring Break and was too busy catching up on my napping. I did a whole lot of nothing last week and still have yet to complete all of that, so will need to finish up nothing today. However, since I know you missed me, I will defer to your wishes and make a post today.

I know there is one curious question out there that only I can answer (with the help of the internet!). Have you ever noticed that when you are on your computer typing away that your cat almost instinctively comes over and plops down on the keyboard? Your question to that might be, “WHY???” As a cat myself, my question to that end is “WHY NOT?”

Let me explain, along with some insight found in an online article at First of all, if you are busy doing something, we automatically think it is exciting and want to be a part of the action. Besides, your hands are moving quickly on that keyboard and the clicking sounds are enticing! Also, laptops and keyboards are warm. We love warm places! And those keys on the keyboard have a certain sort of give to them that just beg us to settle in for a bit.

And, yes, we are interested in getting your attention. We don’t care that you have work to do. Your primary job is to focus on us, right?

However, if you promise not to let the other cats know I clued you in here, I can offer a few pointers about how to keep your cat from annoying you while you are fast at work on your computer.

Try keeping your laptop or keyboard at an angle. We are not interested in resting on something if we feel we are going to slide right off. You might even consider putting a comfy pillow or small bed/napping place next to your computer as an inviting alternative. That way, we are close to you yet not all up in your space!

Ideally, just give us lots of attention when you are not on the computer and we will get our fill and give you the time you need to do your work.

(And besides, did you really think that something you use frequently that has a MOUSE, for crying out loud, would NOT get our attention? Puh-lease!)

That is all! Back to my cat nap!



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