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Cat Naps: Take a Healthy Cue from your Cat!

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Party Marty here, well-rested and ready to face the day….or at the very least, the next hour. Nap time is coming! Hey!  I saw an article online today published through the Huffington Post. It indicated that a habit we felines have may benefit the human sort if you all simply figure out that we know better than you at times!

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a recent poll which revealed roughly 43% of Americans ages 13-64  rarely or never get a good night’s sleep throughout the week. In fact, those respondents, on average, noted they only get six hours and 55 minutes of sleep a night. Are you kidding me? How could I even survive on that????

Trust me. Sleep deprivation will catch up to you! You know what I mean.  The clock says 3 p.m. and you feel as if you could crawl up under your desk at work and take a snooze. Of course, there’s that pesky boss of yours that would see to your immediate termination if you even considered such a move!

However, as we cats have known all along, a cat nap during the day is healthy! We sleep up to 15 hours a day, which is more than most other mammals. So, my advice to you is to sleep early and often and in any sun-soaked area you can find. The benefits of sleep include maintaining a healthy weight, improved memory, elevated mood and so much more.

Of course, I don’t suggest your cat nap take place in the lobby of your office building. That, my friend, would look rather strange. I say that businesses need to establish power nap rooms into which employees can retreat a couple of times each day to recharge, refocus, and renew!  Imagine the increased productivity and positive moods at work as a result! Hmmmm….

Well…I am worn out over all this pontificating. Time to grab a pillow and find a spot near the window. Yeah…we cats rule.  Notice how they are not called “dog naps?” If that was the case, you’d just be drooling all over yourself, and that would not be a good thing…especially in that business suit of yours!


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