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Cat hate going to the vet? Here’s why and what you can do about it!

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cat vet visits

Did you know that the American Veterinary Medical Association reports cats go to the veterinarian less frequently than dogs? While it would be nice to say that cats are simply healthier than dogs, the truth is, we hate going. Period.

Cats love comfort, familiarity, and safety. Cat vet visits disrupt routine, environment, and puts them in a situation of having to face strangers, something many cats don’t like to do.

Mary Burch at provides some insight into why cat vet visits may be so stressful and what to do to make the experience better:

Cats Hate Car Rides

They make us feel too claustrophobic. Think about it. We are in a crate. We feel constant movement but see nothing. There are also so many strange sounds. Prepare us for a car ride to the vet by taking a few short trips and then offering us a treat for our good behavior after doing so.

Different Smells

Cats experience so much of life through their sense of smell. Imagine all of the smells cats take in while in a vet’s office. There are pheromone products out there (Comfort Zone and Rescue Remedy, for example) that you can spray on a towel and put into the cat carrier that will reduce cat’s stress.

Not Comfortable With Crate

If you only use the crate for cat vet visits, then when your cat sees the crate at the ready, he assumes one thing only. i

If you use that crate like a piece of furniture in the house, adding cat nip toy or a soft bed inside, your cat will begin to associate it with something pleasant.

Cold Exam Tables

Humans hate those, so do cats! It’s not exactly the warm spot on the sofa next to the window back at home. Bring a warm towel or kitty bed to rest on while on the examining table at the vet’s.


Shots are often on the agenda for cat vet visits. To remain on your cat’s good side, offer him some toys and/or treats during this particular stressful part of the visit.

Cats never forget negative experiences. The more you strive to make cat vet visits fun and less stressful, the more fun and less stressful those visits will be for you!



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