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Black Cat Month: Myths and Folklore

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The Spirit of Bo, returning from beyond to enlighten you about all things mysterious: Hello. It is now officially the month of Halloween. It is also Black Cat Month. It’s no secret that black cats have been at the center of folklore, superstition and mythology for centuries. Some folks even believed that black cats were witches incarnate. Here are a few black cat myths that have been around for quite some time. What do you believe?

  • In Asia and in the United Kingdom, black cats are deemed lucky.
  • In Yorkshire, England, it is lucky to own a black cat but unlucky to have one cross your path.
  • It is lucky to dream of a black cat. However, some believe that dreaming of a black cat means you are living in fear of something.
  • If a funeral procession meets up with a black cat, it is believed that another family member will soon pass.
  • In 16th century Italy, many believed that if a black cat lay upon the bed of someone who was sick, that person would soon die.
  • Scottish lore tells us that if an unfamiliar black cat is on one’s front porch, then that is a symbol of forthcoming prosperity to the owner.

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