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Are Your Cats and Dogs Offended When You Call Them Pets?

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I read an article in the December issue of the Your Dog newsletter that left me shaking my head. Animal ethicists have objected to calling cats and dogs that live with us “pets,” stating that the term is derogatory and belittles our relationship with four-legged residents.  Instead of “pet”, the ethicists propose the term “animal companion.”

The ethicists go on to state terms like “pest” , “critter”, and “vermin” should be eliminated when referring to animals.  They also believe we referring to ourselves as “pet owners” indicate the animals are property or things to be used without any moral consideration.  The replacement for “pet owner” would be “human caregiver.”

Cats and dogs are looking for a safe place to live where they will get the food, shelter and love they deserve.  I don’t think they really care if we call them “pets” or “animal companions” as long as we give them a good home.

What do you think?


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