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Are You at Risk for Cat Scratch Disease?

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cat scratch disease

Party Marty here! It’s been too hot for words and, as a result, I have been forced to nap more than usual. I did see an item on the news this week about Cat Scratch Disease, so I decided to check it out further.

Have you ever heard of Cat Scratch Fever? (Not the song by rocker Ted Nugent, but the illness, also known as Cat Scratch Disease!) 

Being a cat, I wanted to find out exactly what it is. Is it something I should be aware of for my health…or is it a human illness?

After doing a bit of sniffing around on, I gathered a bit of information, and….it is you humans who must worry!

What Is Cat Scratch Disease?

Cat Scratch Disease is a bacterial infection spread by cats. How does it spread? When a cat licks a person’s open wound, bites or scratches a person and breaks the surface of the skin, a primary entryway has been created to let the bacteria enter your body. 

Symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease

Within three to 14 days after the skin has been broken, a mild infection can occur at the site of the scratch or bite.  The area that has been infected is swollen and red with round, raised lesions.  Additionally, pus may be present. The infection may feel warm and painful.

The person with Cat Scratch Disease may also exhibit other symptoms, such as a fever, headache, poor appetite and exhaustion.

Avoiding Infection 

How do you avoid this happening?  Thoroughly wash cat bites or scratches with soap and running water. If you have wounds on your body, do not allow your cat to lick them. 

 As a final disclaimer, if you develop any of these symptoms and suspect it may be a result of your cat licking a wound or scratching/biting you, contact your doctor immediately! 


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