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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

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Marty on stairsToday is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and I have to admit my guy Marty presented me with some interesting ones.  Here’s his list:

  • Why don’t all humans adore cats and have at least one living with them?
  • Why don’t humans have tails?
  • Why do humans get in boxes with water to clean themselves?  Why don’t they just lick themselves like we felines do?
  • Why do dogs go outside when they have to potty?  Why don’t they use a litterbox like we do?
  • When dogs go outside, why do they wear those long string things that their human holds?
  • Why are there so many dogs around, and why do they wear clothes?  Do they know how silly they look?
  • Why can’t I have constant access to my food?

So, what are the questions your cat had for you?


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