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Ahhhh…The Joys of Being a Dog!

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why dogs lick faces

Jessie, delivering the scoop on why it’s great to be a dog: I love being a dog. There is something so wonderful and exciting about being superior to that cat in the house! While Party Marty may think he’s all that, I have a few reasons to trump his opinion. Read on…..these are reasons why it’s great to be a dog:

  • If it itches, we can scratch it…anywhere, anytime, anyplace. (Have you attempted to scratch your butt in public? Didn’t think so, but we can!)
  • As we age, hair can sprout in the weirdest places on our bodies and no one really cares. When this happens to humans, it’s fodder for conversation and idle gossip.
  • Daily bath? Brush the hair? We’re dogs and people still love us if we don’t tend to our personal hygiene on a daily basis.
  • While you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on gadgets, games, entertainment centers and more to fill your recreational hours, all we need is a bone or an old shoe and we are content for hours.
  • Who farted? If you did, you’d never hear the end of it. When we fart, some people think it’s kind of cute.
  • We never have to pay for our meals. We can beg and still get fed.
  • We enjoy seeing our humans time and time again, even if they momentarily leave the room and come right back! Excitement abounds daily in our lives!

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