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A Birthday Poem FROM the Dog!

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Hey! Bolt here! Yorkie-Poo guest blogger. My birthday was two days ago (Thank you! Thank you! Save your applause until the end of this post!), and today is my human’s birthday, and she is like, 343 years old in dog years. Geez! Where has the time gone? At any rate, I scoured the internet to find a poem for her and this is one perhaps other interested pets can share with their humans on those special days. Well, if any dogs or cats or birds or fish or whatever are reading this post. If not, well, enjoy, and if it’s your birthday, too, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here you go…fresh off, but author unknown:

You feed me when I’m hungry. You keep water in my dis., You let me sleep on anything, or in any place I wish. You sometimes let me lick your hands, or even lick your face…despite the fact I’ve licked myself in every private place.

You taught me how to come when called, You taught me how to sit. You always let me go outside, So I can take a ….stroll.

I’ve been with you through oh, so much…through laughter and through tears. I hope you live to be a hundred…that’s 700 in doggie years!


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