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5 Steps to Keeping Your Dog’s Crate Clean

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keeping your dog's crate clean

Our dogs often think of the crate as a safe haven, but he/she won’t enjoy crate time if the inside isn’t clean. Here are some recommendations for keeping dog crates clean:

Launder Bedding Regularly

When shopping for crate mats, look for ones that can be thrown in the washer or have a removable washable cover. Be sure it’s dry before putting back in the crate.  Watch for signs of damage to any bedding.  Replace bedding that is torn.  Many crate mats contain foam padding which dogs may eat.

If your dog has food and/or water bowls or toys in his crate, wash them regularly with warm soapy water, or put in dishwasher or washer to get them deep cleaned.

Vacuum or Sweep Inside the Crate

Dogs often track in dirt after they’ve been outside, then transfer it to their crate. Wipe down the bottom of the crate with a vinegar and warm water mixture.

Dust Crate Railings and Ceiling

Nobody likes hanging out in a dusty dingy spot, neither does your dog. If prone to allergies, keeping your dog’s crate clean and dust-free could prevent flare ups.

Disinfect the crate door and railings with a pet friendly cleaning solution.  Mix a solution of equal parts white distilled vinegar with water for disinfecting.  Add a few drops of pet friendly essential oil to give the mixture a nice scent.

General Crate Tips

Check to ensure you have the right size crate.  Your dog should be able to comfortably stand up and move around.  If he can’t do so, it’s time to start shopping for a larger crate.

Limit your dog’s crate time.  If left in a crate too long, dogs can begin to think of it as a “jail”, of sorts.  Keep crate time to 2-3 hours at a time whenever possible.

If you work outside the home and crate your dog while you’re gone, consider hiring a dog walker.  This will give your dog time outside his crate, providing exercise and preventing boredom.

Keeping your dog’s crate clean will help him stay happy in his personal space.


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