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You’re Making Me Sick!

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I was approached today with a question about whether a sick human could pass their cold or flu to their dog.  Although there is a flu virus that’s been identified for canines, but because the makeup of the virus is so different, it is not possible for it to be passed between humans and dogs.

Zoonotic diseases, however, are able to be passed from animals to humans.  Some common diseases that can be transmitted include: Cat scratch fever, ringworm, rabies and toxoplasmosis.  Most zoonotic diseases do not pose a serious threat in the United States.

It is possible for any animal to acquire a zoonotic disease, but those posing the greatest risk are: outdoor pets, pets whose immune system is comprised, poorly groomed animals and animals that are housed in unsanitary conditions. People with immune disorders, on chemotherapy or immunosuppressive therapy may be at increased risk of infection.

Practicing good hygiene and keeping your pet current on grooming and vaccines will help keep you both healthy in the days to come. was used as a reference for this post


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