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You, too, can have an awesome rescue cat!

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Bo and Jessie, one cool cat and one terrific dog: This has been an exciting month for us.  Adopt-a-Cat month is a great way to promote the joys of owning and loving a cat, especially a rescue cat who might not otherwise have found a warm and loving home.  The month kind of fizzled for Jessie, however, as she was kind of hoping that someone would adopt Bo!  Didn’t happen.  Bo is in the family to stay, so Jessie just better accept that sooner rather than later.

Nevertheless, as we wrap up our posts on Adopt-A-Cat month, we put together an acronym for you that comes from the bottom of our hearts…and for Bo’s part, it probably came from the bottom of the litter box.

A – Always love your cat.  He or she will reciprocate in kind.

D – Do the right thing.  Get a rescue cat or kitten!

O – Open up your heart and your home to a new furry friend.

P – Put more fun and laughter into your day with a cat in the family.

T – Take time to get to know your cat.

A – Ask your vet for answers when you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s health.

C – Choose life!  With so many cats in shelters today, it would be great to find homes for all of them.

A – Act now!  Your new best friend is waiting for you!

T – Talk to your friends and family.  You never know who just might be a perfect candidate to adopt a cat, too!

Thanks for reading our posts this month!  July is almost here, and we are indulging our travel fantasies then.  We will talk about pet travel and vacationing with pets.  Bo prefers the Club Med lifestyle.  He thinks it’s the cat’s meow.  Jessie, on the other hand, fantasizes about cruises and wonders if there have ever been any “cat overboard!” incidences! (Not that she is considering anything of the sort!)

Have a great day and come back for a visit soon!  “Cat-” cha later!


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