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You Name It!

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Jessie, the adorable pooch:  It is almost the weekend, and it is time to have some fun, especially if it is at the expense of the local cat.  I just came across an article that highlighted the Top Ten dog names for 2010.  Now, I am in no hurry to rush out and legally change my name.  My name is so wonderful that they had no place for it on the list.  However, to entertain and delight my audience, here are the top ten picks for dog names in 2010:

1.) Casey

2.) Riley

3.) Bella

4.) Bailey

5.) Shadow

6.) Coco

7.) Pepper

8.) Dakota

9.) Chloe

10.) Oliver

Those are pretty cool, huh?  Now, if you are, like me, wondering what the top ten cat names are, well, I have my own list, but, unfortunately, they will not allow me to publish those in this forum.  So, I urge you to give into your creativity and devise your own list.  The cat in this household answers to most anything, especially if it involves a treat.  As for me, it’s Ms. Jessie to you!  Have a great day! And, in case you forget, the best pet sitting service name in Kansas City is Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services!  Call them TODAY!

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