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You Don’t Have to be Top Chef

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Yesterday’s vet visit with dog clients “The Fur Boys”, Riley and Dillon,  confirmed that they needDils more fiber in their diet.  Their owner is maxed out time-wise so is needing solutions that don’t involve lots of prep time on her part.

As it turns out, there are easy ways to add fiber to your pet’s diet without lots of extra work.  Many dogs, and cats, like pumpkin and adding a spoonful of it to their food daily provides a good helping of fiber.

If you’re a brown rice fan, when you’re preparing the rice for yourself, set aside some for your pet’s dish.  Brown rice is another good source of fiber.

Does your dog like apples?  If so, or if you aren’t sure, try putting a spoonful in his kibble.  Applesauce is another quick and easy fiber source.

Vegetables like green beans or carrots are good sources of fiber and many dogs like them too.  Cook with for a few minutes before feeding to help your dog digest them easier.

These fiber-rich foods are ones many of us have in our pantry or refrigerator already.  Try sharing them with your pet, he’ll love thefact you gave him yummy new tastes!


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