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You Can’t Put a Price on Love!

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Marty Party here, with an economic update from the trenches:  If you own a pet, chances are you couldn’t put a price on the love and affection your pet gives to you. Admit it…we rock!  And we are ever-so-grateful for how much time you invest in us…and for how much money it takes to keep us around.  Based upon the following stats, you really do love us!  Check these out:

In 2010, within the US market, Americans spent $18.76 billion on pet food.  They spent close to $11 billion on supplies and over-the-counter medications for their pets.  They spent over an additional $13 billion on veterinarian services and $3.51 billion on pet services, grooming, and boarding.

Well…as a smart cat, I can tell you there are ways to cut your expenses in this regard. To avoid costly dental bills from your vet (and those can be staggering!), brush your pet’s teeth regularly.

You can also do some low-maintenance grooming, too. Trim those doggie nails yourself!

It may be tempting to buy the less expensive dog food brands, but the end result could be costly. Higher quality dog food keeps your pet healthier and you can potentially save on training costs, as some vets belive that food made with fillers can lead to hyperactivity. Also, be sure to follow the guidelines for how much food to give your pet. Overfeeding can lead to obesity, and that can bring a host of health problems down the road that will suck the life right out of your wallet!

Additionally, check out the affordable pet sitting services at Joy of Living!  You will be pleasantly surprised!

So…those are my tid bits to share today!  I hope you learned something!  I obtained these from my handy-dandy newsletter called “Money Talk” from my local Platinum Realty office in Overland Park, Kansas.  Thanks, Rick Sheahan!


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