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Would You Eat What Your Dog Eats?

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I’ve been working to educate people on what is and isn’t good food for their pets.  One thing I’ve started is baking healthy dog treats, many with fruits and vegetables in them.

Until I started learning more about pet nutrition, I had no idea, for example, that many dogs like a variety of fruits such as bananas and apples once they taste them.  Integrating fruits and vegetables your pet likes into his diet has many of the same health benefits for him as they do for us.

With this thought in mind, I got to work this morning baking some banana oatmeal treats.  All of the ingredients are ones that humans could/would eat, like oat bran, cinnamon, banana, egg, water, oat flour, but these treats had no sugar and no preservatives.

I was curious, so when the first trays of treats were done, I sampled one.  They tasted ok, but didn’t have the sugary sweet punch we humans are so accustomed to in many of the foods we eat.

It’s funny, the dogs I’ve given the treats to so far have loved them (my dog Jessie included), they didn’t miss added sugar at all!

What treats do you feed your dog?  Check out the ingredients, based on what you see would you be willing to eat what your dog eats?


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