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Winter Skin Care for Pets

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dog taking bath

Dog Winter wreaks havoc on our hair and skin, causing dryness and the dreaded static electricity. We aren’t alone in needing to take special care of our hair and skin in winter, our pets have special needs too.

Here are some tips to help pets look and feel their best during winter:

  • The air inside can become quite dry, depleting moisture from pet’s skin and hair, causing dander to increase. To improve your pets skin and coat, brush them regularly and vigorously.
  • Give your pet fatty acid supplements to help skin and coat.
  • When grooming your dog in the winter, be sure not to cut your dog’s coat too short. ┬áThe longer coat provides extra warmth.
  • If your dog engages in a lot of outdoor activities in winter, be sure to increase his food supply to help keep his coat thick and healthy.
  • When bathing your dog in winter, be sure to dry him thoroughly before heading out for a walk.


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